Thursday, 6 March 2014

White with Blue Tips

Hello beautiful ladies!

I'm writing this post so late because instead of blogging, I decided to waste time looking up stuff on Pinterest. Mainly memes of Loki, (lol) but also icing recipes for decorating cup cakes. Not to mention nail art. Pinterest is soo addicting like that, you can go from one thing to another without skipping a beat.

Today I have a twist on a classic french tip manicure as well as a review for Born Pretty's striping tape:

I used the following:
Finger Paints Paper Mache (base)
China Glaze Electric Beat
Silver Striping tape from Born Pretty (Provided for review)

I loved this manicure, and felt that adding the striping tape really elevated the look. It was super easy to do, and the high shine accents elevated this look. You can find the striping tape HERE.

I found the striping tape to be a good quality product, and it has many uses in nail art. I've also used it in a tape mani that I'll be posting next week. You can use code ECJ61 to get 10% your order from Born Pretty.

Now for some shameless self promotion!
I recently created a Instagram account if you'd like to check it out, my user name is @Klenz85. It's another app that I'm quickly becoming addicted too. You can expected to see nails (of course!), baking, and my kids! Give me a shout if you have a IG account, I'd love to check it out!

I also created  Facebook account and a page for Nail Call. This was a big step for me! I've always been "fight the power" when it came to Facebook, but one day Jonathon's sister convinced me make an account & helped me set one up on the spot. If you know any good nail groups to join let me know! I am so new at Facebook it's embarrassing :) I'd love it if you'd stop by and like my page if you truly like it :)

You can also find me on Twitter (which I love so very much!)

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  1. Pinterest is a dangerous place to dwell - suddenly you lost track of time LOL
    I love the way you used the striping tape - very elegant and delicate mani!

  2. This is so amazing! Love it:)


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