Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Pueen Celebration Collection - FIREWORKS FESTIVAL Plate


Its been quiet on here my little blog, but I'm here right now, right this second (with a flutter of excitement) to share with you guys my brand new HUGE stamping plate from Pueen called FIREWORKS FESTIVAL Plate

Side note: I'm still VERY active on instagram and facebook

A short while ago, I was nominated by my dear friend Marta Warmuz from ChitChatNails to be a guest judge in a Instagram contest that was hosted by Marta, sponsored by Pueen. Of course I took that amazing (and rather difficult) opportunity, and was rewarded with my own plate. Thank you Pueen and Marta!

I highly encourage you to go look at the submissions: HERE 

Pueen Celebration Collection - FIREWORKS FESTIVAL Plate:
Pueen Fireworks Festival Plate (Plate only)
Pueen Fireworks Festival Plate
There is just so much too look at on this plate! Tons of beautiful imagery. I tested the entire plate using a Sally Hansen Striper polish called Vibrant Violet. It stamped pretty well. Please note that there are some images stamped twice. If the image came out poorly the first time, I cleaned my stamper,scrapper and/or plate, that made the difference every time. I can safely say there is not a shallow image on this plate and that's saying something considering how fine these lines are. Click the image to see the stamping enlarged. 
Pueen Fireworks Festival Plate swatches on paper
Pueen Fireworks Festival Plate swatches on paper
Lots of hidden gems :) 
Pueen Fireworks Festival Plate close up to hidden images
Love! :)
I created a manicure with this plate, but I wasn't happy with how it turned out (my polish, not the plate) So I'll be redoing it asap. 

Thanks for reading!

Happy New Year, all the best in 2015. 



  1. Hi...the link in this post to the contest submissions didn't work. Could you fix that? I'd love to see the entries. Thank you!

  2. Thanks for a great post! I recently discovered Pueen stamping plates and I can't get enough! These are next on my list!


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